I'm selling my electric motorbike, built myself

More pictures here:

High torque AC induction motor HPEV's AC-23
Industrial strength carbon re-inforced belt, direct drive.
176 tooth driven pulley fixed directly to a custom made rim, for a final ratio of 7.04:1
This drive train provides 1218 N-m of torque on the wheel right from zero rpm!
26 Leaf cells for 106V
Constant monitoring of all 26 cells during charge and discharge through Orion BMS
This power pack can easily provide in excess of 600 amps at 96 volts nominal
Heavy duty AC controller (Curtis 1238-7601) with regenerative braking
Integrated dashboard with complete wireless telemetry and logging
PC connection to program controller and BMS to your preferences
The bike is in Switzerland

Please contact me through PM only or Facebook link above if I don't respond here