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Hi everyone,

I bought this kit for recreate the same size capacity like this vlog/blog series from Beginning from this Morning. I really recommend checking the video series about the battery system and solar system for understanding the setup. You can program the BMS for your cell chemistry off the scope of Nissan Leaf Cells withe the Software BMS Master Control.

I sell a :
All items was never used.

For the Victron Energy the shipping cost will depend where you are located. It's a 79 lbs package.

I can ship Worldwide. I'm located in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

The BMS kit from REC include:
  • REC SI BMS Unit Current Sensing Shunt (200A)
  • 2 Additional Temperature Sensors
  • Precharge resistor (delay @ 48V)
  • PC Sofware BMS Master Control + cable
  • LCD touch display for REC BMS Cable CAN (DB9 to RJ45) 2m
  • Power Relay Tyco EV200ADANA (48V)

If you are interested send me a private message or ask your question here.


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