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For Sale: Brand-new 200-250 MES DEA AC Induction Motor - Liquid Cooled!

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The motor is the 200-250W it is rated up to 9,000RPM and 30kW continuous power so it is a very strong motor and was originally paired with a 100kW inverter.

Big solid brass liquid cooling ports allow it to make that power yet be completely sealed up and about the same size as a 9 inch DC motor. The motor has a built in speed encoder and temp sensor. It also comes with all of its phase cables, encoder and temperature wires hooked up and ready for you to simply connect to your inverter.

Make me an offer.


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Hey - I'm interested in your motor, because I have an electric car with a 200-175 MES DEA unit - I'd use as a spare unit. I have paid $3100 for a complete car - in Denmark. How much do you want for the motor unit?
Best regards Claus
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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