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Originally used for a prototype electric boat project in 2011.
12 packs with 18 cells each =~60V per pack

Each pack is setup to be liquid cooled. Each pack has an electronic contactor to isolate it from the other packs, which will need to be turned on once the pack voltages are the same so that contactor doesn't get welded open or closed. Each cell has part of an Elithion BMS.

NOTE: This does not include the master module.

To make this a functional system you will need the following high level systems(this list doesn't include everything you will need):

-electric motor and drive unit
-motor controller / inverter
-complete battery pack and connections
-optional coolant system for battery pack / motor
-12V "bus system" - a way to turn on the low voltage system to control the high voltage system on / run state and safety shutdown
-on board chargers to charge the batteries
-software to manage and run the system

I also have 6 liquid cooled 3kW chargers available.

All components are available for pick up in Seattle, WA. If you desire to have them shipped, it will be up to you to arrange for shipping.
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