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For Sale: Complete 120v DC Conversion Kit

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Hello all-

I have a EV-America 120V Conversion System for sale. It was originally purchased at the end of 2007, but has never been installed and has been carefully stored. The system was designed for a VW Bug using 12v batteries, but can be used for any conversion. The motor is currently attached to a VW tranny with an EVA clutchless motor coupling/adaptor plate but can be removed for use in any other system.

The specific components are as follows:

Motor, Advanced DC 203-06-4001A w/ dual shaft
Controller, Curtis 1221C-7401, 72-120v, 400 amp limit
Heat Sink, Aluminum
Fan (2)
Potbox, Curtis PB-6
Contactors (2), Albright SW-200
Battery Covers (20), Red & Black
Cable (50'), 2/0 welding cable
Lugs (36), Magna 2/0
Heat Shrink (5'), 2/0
Voltmeter, Westech, 80-180 V
Ammeter, Westech 0-400 amp
Shunt, 50 mV
DC-DC Converter, Astrodyne 144 VDC in, 14 VDC out
Fuse, Littelfuse L25S-400, High Voltage, w/ holder
Connectors (2), Anderson SBX-350
Control Board, KLK Fuse High Voltage
First Inertia Switch, Auto Shutoff, 12V
Conversion manual, EVA
"Convert It", book by Michael Brown
"Build Your Own Electric Vehicle", book by Bob Brandt

If you are planning on doing a VW conversion, the coupling/adaptor is also available.

The cost of this system today through EVA is $4,059 + tax and shipping. I am willing to let it go for $2,650. All you will need to finish it is batteries and a charger.

If interested or need more info, contact Mike at wildepi (at)
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I might be interested in parting out the VW adaptor and coupler right now. The rest I want to keep together for awhile.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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