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SOLD: Complete EV Kit minus batteries/charger - Curtis 1231C / ADC FB1-4001


Everything you should need for a complete conversion except batteries/charger, plus extras. Parts were pulled from a working '88 Toyota Pickup conversion. Looking for $1500, located near Maple Valley, WA.

Lots of extra pieces but the main components include:

Advanced DC Motors FB1-4001 9”
Electro Automotive clutched adapter plate
Curtis 1231c controller (96-144V, 500amp)
Curtis PB-6 Potbox
Albright SW200 contactor
Breaker and Fuse 500A
Thomas vacuum pump 107CDC20, vacuum reservoir, pressure switch
CC Power Electronics DC to DC converter C400 96/120v to 12v 400 watt
Ceramic vent heater
125V voltmeter
500A ammeter
15V voltmeter
Shunt resistor
Lots of 2/0 wire
Fuses and relays

From the truck:
Transmission mounted to motor (I believe it is a W56)
Gas/Brake/Clutch pedals
Clutch master cylinder

Extra parts from another project including circuit breaker, main contactor, smaller contactor, relays, impact kill switch, fuses, heavy duty fuse box (These are in the gray fuse box in the photos)


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