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For Sale - converted Grasshopper lawnmower $5,000 OBO

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Grasshopper lawnmower with 5' mowing deck, snowblower and cab. Purchased used in 2007, converted to electric in 2014. Total cost for used lawnmower, snowblower and cab was $8,300, conversion cost $8,900. 15 CALB 180amphr batteries, separate motors for pto and hydro-stat drive. Average annual use 275 kwh, 5.1 kwh per charge over 5 years, can not find stats for 2019 and 2020. Moved to the mountains in CO and have no use for it here.

Conversion issues and other issues after conversion can be found on this website.

Mower is in NW Iowa.
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Seems like a great buy, just not even remotely close...
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