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For Sale: Curtis Controller DMOC Replacement + Extras - $2500

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I had planned to replace the Azure DMOC 445 in my 914 conversion but then lost steam on the project and sold the car. So now I have a complete HPEVS Curtis 1239-8501 controller kit for the Azure AC-24LS motor for sale.
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Here's the original invoice (purchased through EV West 16April2014):

  • qty. 1 Curtis 1239-8501 Controller Kit programmed for Azure Dynamics AC-24LS Motor ($2950)
    Includes: Curtis Controller, Wiring Harness, Contactor, Curtis diplay (one of the Curtis 2 1/16"diameter units), New Motor Temp Sensor
  • qty. 1 Curtis 1238-1239 Chill Plate ($155)
  • qty. 1 Complete Liquid Cooling Kit ($319)
  • qty. 1 Adjustable Temp Fan & Pump Switch ($49)
  • qty. 1 Contactor Box ($44)
  • qty. 5 Terminal Boot ($6/ea - $30)
The total was $3547 + tax and shipping from EV West - I'm asking $2500 + shipping (about $50) for the whole kit. I will also include all the manuals, downloaded and printed.

Also for sale Elcon PFC-1500 Charger - Programmed for 144V Lead Acid Battery Pack
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This charger has worked great built into the 914 with the ElectroAutomotive VoltsPorsche Kit. At some point I replaced it with a PFC-2500 so it's been sitting in the box for a year or two.
I'm asking $150 + shipping (about $30).

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