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Update: Confirmed working over 12V and sending CANbus messages.
Built a minimal pigtail with just CANH/L and WAKE signals and unit powers up and responds.
Dont have a HV Pack handy to test but expect unit to work fine. Will accept a return if does not.
Comes with test pigtail and a spare plug and pins to make your own.

Can provide CANbus sample code if interested.
Can deliver in San Diego area or pick up.
If necessary will ship via UPS at your expense. Weighs 5kg/11lbs.

Dimensions 253 x 257 x 80 mm
Volume 4.2 L
Weight 5.0 kg
Operational Life 15 Years / 10,000 Hrs
Cooling 50/50 mixture H2O/glycol (10L/min)
Temperature: -40ºC to +110°C
Efficiency 90%
HV supply Voltage 216 - 422V DC
LV 7 - 15.5 V DC
HV -> LV 2.2kW, max 175A @ 12.5V
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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