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For sale: EIG battery packs MO8704C-01 (Microvett) * 9 pcs.

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Pick up in Denmark only, you must arrange shipping. To expensive to ship lithium ion from Denmark.

Price 105 USD for pr. Kw. / 1680 USD total for 4 packs

SOLD TOGETHER ONLY: 4 x EIG battery packs MO8704C-01 (consist of totally 432 pcs.
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EIG ePLB-C020B Li[NiCoMn]O2 cells)
From Microvett EV (had run 20000km) (I have 4 packs more with little less performance)

tested to 38-40 Amp capacity with powerlab 8, I have discharge curves as test dokumentation

Cell wiring made with aerial grade cable
Brand TE Connectivity
Manufacturers Part No. M22759/34-20-9

UPGRADED cell wiring, separated in individual crimpflex and molex connectors with gold pinsm an each cell wire secured to the cell top screw

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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