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For Sale: Electric Conversion Made Easy ebook & video tutorial package.

I know it's a sales pitch, but if you're a first time converter I know what you're about to go through!
After 6 months of research, writing and filming, I've taken the thousands of emails and questions over the last few years and compiled them into an ebook loaded with pictures plus a full video tutorial.

I've broken the entire conversion process into many chapters - all in plain English for people like you & me to understand, and I've given different range/speed/performance scenarios for many different voltages so you can pick & choose which suits your needs - and budget.

Check out and grab yourself a copy.
As you'll see (unlike my competitors) the positive feedback is genuine, from real people.

If you're unconvinced, see how my tutorial pack stacked up against the competition here:
It doesn't get much better than honest praise from unbiased reviewers. :cool:


The basic package is $57 and includes the Electric Conversion Made Easy ebook. This will cover all the basics from dragging home a donor car, guiding you through the entire conversion, all the way to finding the best insurance once it's done.


The Premium Package is $77 and includes:

  • [*]Electric Conversion Made Easy ebook (as included in the Basic Package)
    [*]Eleven High Definition Tuturial Videos
    [*]Getting The Most Out Of Your Electric Car ebook
    [*]Lithium Battery Guidebook ebook (NEW!)
    [*]Fifty Frequently Asked Questions ebook

That's more than two hundred pages, all in plain english, covering everything in detail from donor car selection and choosing the right voltage, to using lithium (LiFePO4) batteries for extended range.
There are plenty of pictures, the maths are simplified & broken down with real-world examples, plus there's ongoing friendly technical support for an entire year.

You can now watch one of the tutorial videos FREE right here: (Choosing a Donor Car)

I guarantee that this is the most comprehensive downloadable conversion pack on the internet. If you disagree, you get your money back no questions asked.
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