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Hi guys,

I am putting up for sale the components from Enova van which wе intended to use in our VW T3/T25 Van but unfortunately there is no time to finish(start ) the project.
The components are in Bulgaria and can be shipped to London for about 100~150 pounds.

The prices are as it follows:

1.The well known Motor and Controller - Enova 100 KW and hyundai Motor. 25KW nominal 90KW max power. with the reducer 2.5 to 1 - 1000 EUR
2. Can buss controlled water pump EMP- WP29-12V-25A-CAN - 100 EUR
3. Vacuum pump Thomas -12V 327CDC50/12 - 100 EUR

Attached you will find pictures of the components.
If requested I will make new pictures.

You can contact my colleague - Vasil as he will take care for this sale:

Vasil Batev
[email protected]

Best Regards,



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