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For Sale: EV Air conditioning Masterflux Sierra 2kw compressor & inverter, 19k BTU/Hr

#### Sold #####

I'm parting out my Passat EV, it's been my daily driver for 10 years / 92k miles; ready to move on to something new.

Parts for sale below are used, excellent condition, currently installed in my car.

(1) MasterFlux SIERRA06-0982Y3 Compressor ($617)
(1) MasterFlux Motor Controller 025F0140-03 Flange mount version. ($669)
(1) MasterFlux LP157 Mounting kit ($1.27)

Will include connectors and cable harnesses pigtails, and enclosure made for inverter.

I've has zero problems with this AC package, going on 8 years. Never needed to recharge, never had any problems. I can demonstrate the systems functionality as it is still fully operational in my EV.

This system runs on 120 - 420VDC

Asking $750

I have a full webpage documenting the installation of this Air Conditioning system.

Local pickup only, items located in Dublin, California.

Please email me, etischer -at- etischer -dot- com if you have any questions


#### Sold #####


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