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For Sale: EV Conversion Video Tutorial + Ebooks

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For Sale: Electric Conversion Made Easy ebook & video tutorial package.

If you're a first time converter I know what you're about to go through: I've been there too, with a head full of daunting questions. People often say how easy a conversion is - and they're right - but if you've never done one before it can seem confusing, or even frightening. This is where I can certainly help.

It took six months to research and write, but I've taken the thousands of emails and questions over the last few years & based an entire tutorial package around them.

The Electric Conversion Made Easy ebook & video package takes you through a selection of different conversions step-by-step, showing the different approaches to use - and their different results.

Even though it's crammed full of technical information, the package is entirely in plain English for people like you & me to understand. All formulae are simplified & broken down, all jargon torn apart, and all questions answered in a simple, friendly manner.

Throughout the package I give the different range / speed / performance results for many different voltages and set-ups. This means you can pick & choose which specifications best suit your needs - and budget.

Electric Conversion Made Easy is a quality product with excellent reviews and real testimonials. In the world of electric vehicle conversions this is rare. The Internet is full of conversion ebooks all promising so much. I've even read some of them, but always with head-shakingly disappointing results.

Some are simply scams trying to take your money out of your pocket, while others are technically useless, leaving you with more questions than you started with.
Almost all of these ebooks display bogus testimonial emails from untraceable names, such as "Wendy from NY" and "Tom from NH". This tarnishes the image of electric car ebooks and makes it much harder for genuine products such as mine. This is why I rely on genuine video & audio testimonials and word of mouth. I've worked hard to ensure the product deserved both.

To achieve this, I made sure from the very start that my tutorial package would be ethical, comprehensive - and most importantly - understandable.

It's paying off too. Here's a recent, unbiased review from the Electric Car Conversion Online Book Shop:
"It's the only guide we have come across that is so comprehensive that it can help someone convert a car without needing to buying additional books for more technical details..."



The Basic Package is $57 and includes the Electric Conversion Made Easy ebook.
This will cover all the basics from dragging home a donor car, guiding you through the entire conversion, all the way to finding the best insurance once it's done. It's a cost effective and comprehensive way to start your conversion.

The Premium Package is $77 and includes:
  • Electric Conversion Made Easy ebook (as included in the Basic Package)
  • Eleven High Definition Tuturial Videos
  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Electric Car ebook
  • Lithium Battery Guidebook ebook (NEW)
  • Fifty Frequently Asked Questions ebook

This option adds up to 200+ pages, all in plain-English, covering everything in detail from donor car selection and choosing the right voltage, to using lithium (LiFePO4) batteries for extended range.

The package is awash with pictures & simplified diagrams, the maths are broken down with real-world examples, and there's even ongoing friendly technical support for an entire year.

You can watch real video testimonials from real people, or you can preview the ebook, and even watch one of the tutorial videos by clicking below:

One question people ask me is, "Why should I buy the tutorial when I can find all the answers on the internet?"
The answer is simply time. To find solutions to all the problems of a typical first-time conversion will take months of emailing, thread-posting, responding, searching and (most annoyingly) waiting for answers - then when you get your answers you may not completely understand them. I know it's frustrating, because I've been there and done it myself.

Even on a helpful & comprehensive site such as, the tutorial package still has the ability to shave months off your conversion, as well as stop you from making costly mistakes.

People sometimes say "Your second conversion is always your best", but I know that your first conversion can be your best. It just takes knowledge.

I'm currently guiding a handful of converters through their projects at present, and I'd like for you to join in. If you have any questions, you're very welcome to email me now: [email protected] otherwise I invite you to preview the tutorial package at

I promise that this is the most comprehensive downloadable tutorial package on the internet. If you disagree, you get your money back no questions asked.​

(One of the few photos I could find of myself where I'm not caught with my eyes closed or caught mid-sneeze... or both)
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I have recently completed my first EV conversion and would like to thank you for all that you have contributed to the EV cause. You have become the poster boy for DIY EV conversions! Your videos and many posts to this forum have been educational, entertaining and inspirational. I'm certain you've influenced many to take the challenge and begin their conversion projects.

While I have not purchased "Electric Conversion Made Easy", I'm certain that it will deliver as promised. I agree entirely when you suggest that your product will be a huge time saver. Most first timers have had to do their own research, consuming dozens or even hundreds of hours. If I were beginning my first conversion today, I wouldn't hesitate to buy "Electric Conversions Made Easy". Considering the total investment made in a conversion, $57 for such a guide seems like a spectacular value.

I wish you great success with the selling of this guide. Hopefully, it will result in more and more enjoyable conversion experiences as well as some financial reward for yourself. You deserve it.

Take care.


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Thanks so much mate! That's very kind of you!
I enjoyed converting KiwiEV. I watched the videos the other day and I couldn't beleive how little I knew! Ah, if only I could go back in time...

That reminds me. Two curious things I've noticed about the average EV converter are:
1: They not technically-minded, but they're generally very intelligent people.
2: They're wary and can often smell a scam a mile away (thank heavens).

That's why I've got to work extra hard to prove myself in this world of e-sharks!
I'm learning to develop a thick skin too. I sure get some unpleasant emails when people find out I'm selling an "e-product" and think I'm a scammer!
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