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For Sale: EV-Motor: warp 11" - dual shaft: $1500

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Motor - for DC cars
Price: $1500

- warp 11"
- dual shaft
- was in a baker electric - reproduction
- this specific motor was showcased in a TV show on Netflix!

Show: White Rabbit Project
Episode: Speed Freaks

Pickup: Los Angeles


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Do you still have it for sale??
I'm interested.
Hi Ed,
I'm very new to this. So far I'm trying to establish what type and size motor I should look for. As I get it, it does not equate directly to ICE. What are the specs for yours including length, diameter etc? What means double shaft? Does the shaft extend out both ends? I want to match my Triton 4 cyl petrol at approx 100HP, 430 KN torque.

Apology for only picking your brain but I need to start somewhere. I won't be buying yours, too far, too pricey. Converting to AUD it would cost me close to $2500 - $3000 plus freight.

Thank you in anticipation,
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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