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I have a 1994 Ford Ranger for sale it was 100% complete until this morning when I over revved the motor and blew it up. It had WarP11 motor in it with Lithium Ion LifePro4 (45)batteries 144v system and a Solton Jr. controller and DC/DC converter in it. I made it primarily for putting it in car shows so it has a brand new paint job and the interior is almost completely new there is less than 40 miles on the conversion. You can see pictures of it in my garage under the name Gray Ghost you will see I spared no expense to making it one of the nicest EV around. I have over $20,000 invested but will sell it for $15,000 plus shipping. Everything goes with the truck battery charger and balancing charger and all the extras that you will need to maintain the truck. I have found another new Warp 11 motor for sale at around $1900 that is almost half of what it normally cost I just don't want to fool around with the truck anymore.
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