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These came off an upgraded Lectric Leopard with only 1300 miles that was parted out before its time. I'm in the Philly Metro area.

These may be old-school compared to the now-popular sealed units, but these have never been opened under load - a fact you can verify simply by looking at the contacts. And if the contacts are ever less-than-pristine you can replace them. You can't do that with sealed units. If a sealed unit ever opens under power, you must throw it away - because you can't trust it will act as it should when you need it to. Buying one used is a fool's game unless you know and trust the prior owner. Also, these were not set up to cycle the contactor every time the throttle is released.

I'd prefer to sell these together, but will split if needed.

Price: $100/pair, $60 each. Shipping weight: 4 lbs. each (estimate)

Payment by Paypal or cash in person. Shipping is extra.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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