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I am the creator of an open-source j1772 dummy inlet that I posted on the thingiverse, recently I had someone show interested in purchasing this from me. I wanted to let the community know that I have more available at a realistic price. 25 USD$ plus shipping. This is blue glow-in-the-dark plastic. The color may have to change depending on color availability.
I ship with Canada Post, buyer pays shipping costs
I accept paypal with my email account joelclemens at gmail dot com.
Thurs, Sept 12 2013, Starting to sell a few, I hope I can keep up with demand :-o

I am in Canada, shipping to USA is 8$ ETA about 2 weeks
shipping to UK is 9$ ETA, also about 2 weeks

Tracking and insurance will cost more, but are you really in that much of a hurry?
I have no idea if you will be charged duties/VAT, so you are on your own. (isn't it like that everywhere on the net?)

I have created an updated version that is improved over my publicly released file. Please check out the photos in the link below.

This is useful as a parking spot for your EVSE that may normally rest in your driveway, on the ground, in a mail box, or you may hang the plug by the cord on something, this may also be used to keep bugs and other crap from getting in your plug. Simply mount this plastic part on a wall, post, or even on your existing EVSE. (screws not included)

There are holes at the bottom of each pin receptacle for future use (to install metal pins) if I ever get access to the appropriate parts.

I am developing other things such as a microEVSE, j1772 splitter/extension and more. Please support my efforts and I will be able to better support the EV community in return.

More photos available here

Note that the plastic I use will melt in extremely hot environments, like under a halogen lamp. Or on the dashboard in a black car parked in the sun in Texas, however I have had this plastic in my car, in Toronto, in direct sun, in summer and have had no problems.
So if you can bake cookies where you leave your EVSE, then you probably should not buy this part.
I am now experimenting with ABS, this solves the issue with hot environments as it will still hold its shape even with boiling water being poured over it.
I launched a blog with more details and more variations!

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These could go on an ICE vehicle so that you can look like an EV when you want to hijack an EV parking spot. Who would question a car that that is plugged in?
LOL, yes, that might be possible, :rolleyes: however unlikely, most ICE people don't know anything about charging, let alone acquiring a fake port for their car. I think most people would figure out it is not a conversion, and also the charging station indicates if it is dispensing a charge or not.
Also, many charge stations (charge point) lock the handle unless you have an RFID card.
It is a bit of trouble to go through just for a parking spot :D
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