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For Sale: GoKart PART OUT

I am looking for people who want parts, the kart has failed to sell as one complete unit. I think I will have better luck removing components and parting out.

Hyster 24v motor (run at 36v) ---------- $125+ship from Tucson AZ
4QD 300amp 24-48v
controller w/pot plunger Throttle ---------- $150+ship from Tucson AZ
Allbright contactor w/slugger circuit ------- $30+ship from Tucson AZ

--> Willing to sell all above parts together for $225+ship from Tucson AZ <--

Circle track kart
Space for 3x U1 group batteries

I built this back in 2012 before I started my truck conversion, it needs to go as its taking up space.

New parts I added other than electrical:
Axle, chain, brake disk, caliper & pads.

Parts it could use:
New rear wheels & hubs - When I purchased it the axle was very bent, which I replaced, the wheels a lot less so and it ran fine but it needs new tires and the wheels would be worth replacing at that point.

$400 obo local pickup only.
[email protected]


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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