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I'm selling my un-used HPEVS AC35x2 motor, Curtis 1239E-7621 controllers, and Curtis EnGage 7 LCD instrument display.

Selling these because my plans have changed and I'd like to go to a higher voltage, rear mounted system. This is an awesome setup for for someone converting a larger vehicle or looking for lots of torque in a small vehicle using the existing driveline.

More details and prices:
HPEVS AC35x2 26.28
  • Purchased spring of 2018 from ElectricMotorsport.
  • Never used. Scratches on the case are from mounting. This has 0 miles.
  • Currently has an adapter hub to fit Chevy flywheels. I have a brand new flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate that I can include if desired (no cost).
  • I can also include (no cost) a cradle mount I made for it that fits small block Chevy motor mounts.
  • HPEVS power data is available here:
  • Asking $2500 OBO.
Curtis Instruments 1239E-7621 PMAC/AC induction motor controllers
  • Got these directly from Curtis in the spring of 2018.
  • Never applied high voltage. I powered up the 12V logic and programmed them at one point.
  • 108V nominal (120V max input) and 650A.
  • These are not the same as the 1298E-7621 controllers you can get from DIY retailers Those are up to 96V nominal 650A and only drive AC induction motors. These have to be custom ordered.
  • These might need to be re-programmed (maybe not), but I can give you a lot of the info I have on that process and even some config files. They were programmed at one point, but the config was not road tested.
  • EV West aluminum chill plates included ($150 each from EV West).
  • Datasheets can be found here:
  • Asking $3500 OBO for both.
Curtis Instruments Engage VII LCD instrument display
  • Can bus interface.
  • Without the Curtis plastic housing (Good for flush-mounting).
  • Also never used. I powered this on a few times.
  • Runs on 24V. I powered it from a 12V supply using step-up converters.
  • Includes nice 3D printed mounting bracket/housing. Very high quality print done by a university 3D printing research lab, not a makerspace or home printer.
  • Asking $250 OBO. If you buy both controllers at or close to asking price, I will throw this in.

Asking 6000 for everything together. Will ship at buyer expense
Located in Durham NC



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