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FOR SALE: K2 Energy 3.2.V 8.32Wh Cells

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For sale:

Approximately 290 K2 Energy LFP26650P 3.2V 8.32Wh in good condition.
Cells were purchased new in 2011 and were used on a university electric snowmobile project for 1 winter. The vehicle saw very little use and the cells have been charged and discharged now more than 3-4 times. Cells were pulled from the vehicle the following year and have been in storage ever since.

The cells are currently glued to together in 18 cell packs with a number of additional loose cells. Some cells have small amounts of solder on their terminals. However cells can easily be separated with an x-acto knife.

See pictures and datasheet below.

Asking $350 OBO + shipping for the lot.


Tool accessory Cylinder Floor

Capacitor Technology Electronic device Finger

View attachment LFP26650P.pdf


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Hi. I can't work out how you get 8kwh from the batteries. What capacity are they please? Web says 2.6Ah
Maybe he calculated using the wh number as if it were ah? That would be 7.7kwh.
If I calculate backwards with 3.2V and 290 cells that's nearly 8Ah per cell. How did you calculate 7.7kwh?
I was saying that was his error, swapping the wh number for ah.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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