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FOR SALE: K2 Energy 3.2.V 8.32Wh Cells

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For sale:

Approximately 290 K2 Energy LFP26650P 3.2V 8.32Wh in good condition.
Cells were purchased new in 2011 and were used on a university electric snowmobile project for 1 winter. The vehicle saw very little use and the cells have been charged and discharged now more than 3-4 times. Cells were pulled from the vehicle the following year and have been in storage ever since.

The cells are currently glued to together in 18 cell packs with a number of additional loose cells. Some cells have small amounts of solder on their terminals. However cells can easily be separated with an x-acto knife.

See pictures and datasheet below.

Asking $350 OBO + shipping for the lot.


Tool accessory Cylinder Floor

Capacitor Technology Electronic device Finger

View attachment LFP26650P.pdf


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Hey there,

I belive you will have better luck selling these on lots of ebike guys over there :)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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