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For Sale: Make an Offer - 1992 EV

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Need to sell, look at the details, it's worth much more than I'm asking.
You would spend more than this for the parts, not to mention a donor vehicle in this condition.

1992 Ford Escort Wagon, 21,000 miles. This is a must see for anyone wanting a project that is 98% complete.
Originally called an EVcort, converted new by Soleq Corporation. Excellent work, all aluminum brackets, beautifully welded and anodized. (Mercedes quality engineering in a Ford Escort :)
The controller failed one day, I was able to fix it and drive it again, but eventually it started to act up again. (Old BJT technology.)
I purchased a Zilla 1KLV with HEPA and speed sensor. Since the motor was shunt-wound, I sent it to Jim Husted at Hi Torque to rewind it for a series application.
Motor is a GE 25 HP, 12" diameter, a real performer.
While the motor was out, I put in a brand new transmission, then proceeded to remove all of the out-dated electronics.
I retained the on-board controller since it was so versatile, capable of using 15A, 20A or 30A circuit.
I installed a new 55 Amp DC-DC converter. The Zilla, Hairball interface, and related accessories are mounted on the original finned heatsink, but I also installed a mini radiator, fan and coolant pump.
Almost completely converted from original setup, needs finish wiring. I'm moving and can't take it with me.
Signal wires like "switch on", "start", "reverse" etc. need to be connected. Hall effect pedal and speed sensor are installed.
Gauges (Volt & Amp) have been mounted in the dashboard. Has two 1.5kW heaters for defrost installed, all new battery cables.
Currently has 18 Trojan batteries and one starting battery, will need replacing. Lots of extra parts included.
New tires, Centerline mag wheels, been kept indoors, has not been wrecked or other damage.
Vacuum pump for power brakes, electric windows and door locks, and roof rack. Interior is in excellent condition.
I hate to part with it, it has been an excellent commuter and fun to drive.
Asking $6000, take a look, tell me what you think.
With only 21,000 miles, new tires, new transmission, new controller and DC-DC converter, you can have a reliable ride for a long time.

p.s. I can't take a picture of the car, it's in the garage and I can't backup to get a picture. If you are seriously interested, I can push it out a bit to get an angled pic, but not too far it's a steep driveway and I won't get it back in.

Located in southwest Missouri, USA


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