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Very sad news, my daily driver for the past 8 years had some transmission failure, which I really don't want to deal with, so I decided to try and sell the car. Maybe someone can fix the tranny and keep driving, or part it out. If I don't get any decent offers I might start parting it out myself and selling parts here.
3 years ago I invested in a brand new CALB CA180 battery pack of 50 cells, which I have been carefully keeping between 40% and 95% SOC, so it runs like new and has 5-6 more years of life in it.
It also has very first production unit of Soliton1 controller with water cooling.
Warp9 motor has Helwig H60 brushes installed in 2015 and forced cooling setup.
Current mileage is 133,900 which includes 49,000 electric miles.

2 days ago I heard rumbling noise coming from transmission, but only when freewheeling and decelerating. When accelerating there is no noise at all, but the moment I release the gas pedal there is a loud rumbling coming from transmission.

Car is located in Woodland CA, few miles west of Sacramento.
If someone wants to make an offer, send a PM please.

Here is the link to original conversion although some major upgrades were done in 2015 and I never posted details in public.
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