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For Sale - Most of the running gear from a 2013 3k mile 10kW Aixam Mega Tipper truck (UK) - £999

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Due to a change of plans I have most of the running gear from a sub 3k mile 2013 Aixam Mega tipper truck.

This includes a complete rear axle assembly consisting of a Leroy Somer 10kW AC motor, suspension (composite leaf springs) and brakes.

Motor controller, pretty much the complete loom (there might be the odd bit missing but it looks to be very complete), dashboard clocks, charger for the 72V battery, 72V - 12V DC-DC converter.

At least 3 wheels with good tyres (should have the 4th somewhere but tyre is damaged). The vehicle was reversed into when parked and written off but none of these parts suffered and it still drove.

This does NOT include any battery/cells (already gone).

Collection from CV21 (Rugby, UK). It would probably go on to a pallet or two so could explore that option also.

Here are a few photos but obviously there are items several listed that aren't photo'ed.

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