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(SOLD) For sale: Motenergy ME0709 w/150amp 36v controller

Thank you for looking but the item has been sold.


For sale: I have a Motenergy ME0709 that's never been used, I have spun the motor with the controller but never under a load. Also included is a 150amp iDrive programmed for 36volts, a twist Magura throttle and a switch that will reverse the motor and another switch that could be used for a "key on/off". Also included is a resettable 150amp breaker.

All of the wiring will be marked so if the lengths are correct for you then it would be a simple plug and play. If not then it would be a simple matter of extending what ever needs to be changed to fit your project.

Price: $300 plus shipping.

I can send pictures if you would like, and let me know if you have any questions. All of the parts will be shipped from Allendale Michigan.
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