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For Sale: My Honda CRX EV conversion or all parts

It is with bittersweet feelings that I am selling C-Rex, my 1990 Honda CRX conversion. It was a great project and is a fun car to drive (project is 100% completely functional and finished, and faster than stock), but my wife and I are expecting our first child and the car only seats two. So it’s time to make room in the garage for something a little more family-friendly.

I am looking to sell the entire car to someone who wants an EV without all of the work. I’m also willing to “part it out,” but I mean all the parts. A car without a charger or without a DC/DC converter is worthless to anyone else, so that’s why it’s all or nothing. Please do not ask about buying a specific part! If someone chooses to buy all the parts, I will then list the CRX body locally as a glider. I know these cars are popular for engine swaps, and since the body is in amazing shape, I think I’ll have takers.

But my obvious preference is to sell it completely. I am in northern Colorado, so most likely you’ll need to arrange some sort of tow situation. To encourage the purchasing of the entire car instead of just the parts, the price of $10,000 is for the whole car, but $11,000 if you just want the parts. This is because it will take several days of my time to disassemble the car.

First I’ll go through the condition of the actual CRX itself (mechanical stuff, not any conversion related), and will cover the conversion next. It is at 203,916 miles, but only 2,700 of those are since the conversion, so the electric parts are practically brand new.

• Changed transmission fluid 9,000 miles ago (goes for 100K)
• New clutch and 8lb flywheel, replaced at conversion so only 2,700 miles on them
• Upgraded alloy rims
• Stiffer Integra springs (to accommodate the extra EV weight)
• Front brake rotors and discs have only 4,000 miles on them
• Upgraded rear brakes to disc brakes from Integra
• New windshield
• Fitted seat covers made specifically for a CRX
• Window tints
• Front lip spoiler added
• JDM look halo headlights added
• Upgraded car stereo (MP3/USB/CD) and speakers
• After the conversion to EV, I had the car body 100% professionally restored and painted. Dings/dents removed, new hood, front fender, new trim rubber, primer and paint

Here is a quick rundown of the specs for the EV components:

• 45 CALB cells @ 130Ah each, for total 18.72kWh pack, LiFePO4
• Batteries are all strapped together with aluminum plating to prevent damage while charging
• miniBMS system always installed to protect the pack
• WarP9 DC motor
• Zilla 1K-HV. Yes, that’s right, the HV model (for those looking to just buy the parts). You can go up to 400V (or something like that, going from memory)
• Elcon PFC-2500 1500W onboard charger
• DC/DC converter, I forget the brand but it has been rock solid
• Lightweight Odyssey PC680 12V aux battery for backup
• Brakes are 12V vacuum pump and Square-D vacuum switch with adjustable hysteresis. Brake system is mounted in sound-padded box, complete with reservoir and muffler. It is the loudest part of the car (in fact, the only part you can hear). This is true for all EVs I’ve seen.
• HEPA hall-effect throttle assembly from Manzanita Micro. Used to have potbox (sucks) – acceleration has been super smooth since I changed to this
• EV Display digital fuel gauge
• KTA Heater Switch
• “Valet mode” switch – I added this and keep it on as default, limits the pull from the pack to 3C as I’m trying to extend battery life. I turned this off and tested the acceleration only rarely.
• Silent coolant pump and radiator for controller, plus heatsink. Even on a hot day and a long ride, the heatsink felt only warm to the touch (electricity is just so more efficient than gas engines)
• Added inertia switch to disconnect pack in case of crash
• Big Red Button safety emergency switch
• Batteries are distributed about half in the front, half in the rear, to keep even weight distribution for handling
• Underbody belly pan for aerodynamics
• I estimate the car gets about 70 mile range (calculated). I’ve never done circles on the track to see where it really dies. But that’s based on some average readings of my battery current meter and takes into consideration the 80% SOC limit, so the “zero” on that gauge is really 20% of the pack, again to prevent damage

I kept all my receipts for the conversion, and my total out-of-pocket cost comes up to $17,867 and 40 cents. :eek: That does not include the donor car nor about $3,000 worth of body work. Here are the biggest hitters:

• $7,404 Li-ion battery pack
• $2,050 Zilla controller
• $1,841 WarP9 DC motor

Already for the cost of these three components alone, have already exceeded my asking price for the entire car! This is a STEAL of a deal, considering there are less than 3,000 miles on all these components. I am selling it so low because I need it to go sooner than later, and I know how hard it will be to find a buyer for such a niche product. So I’ve priced it to fly… Already a good deal? You also get:

• $917 Charger, DC/DC converter
• $860 Clutch adapter plate
• $798 BMS system and EV Display

If you are starting your own conversion of a small car and don’t want it to be a CRX, for $10,000 this is an amazing deal for everything you get. You can easily tow the car to where you live and start stripping the parts off it for your own conversion. I am pretty firm on this price as it’s my “giveaway” price already. I’m already taking a big loss on this so thanks for the understanding.

To those that want to keep it, I’ve got tons of documentation on all the parts, schematic of the car, can provide limited support for some time, etc. I’m still a fan of EVs and want to see C-Rex live on.

What else you are getting: I spent about two years reading about EVs, researching the different components, and designing the car in my head and on paper. The actual conversion itself took about 6 months of many late nights and weekends in the garage. I estimated about 300 hours of labor. So if you are reading this and want to build an EV for the sheer experience, I totally understand that. But if you really just want the car, not the hobby, then I’m presenting you a car with over $20,000 worth of parts, plus labor, for half that cost.

Please post any questions regarding the car here, not my build thread, and I will try to answer. Or send me a PM.


Pics to follow soon...

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Fanless radiator for liquid-cooled controller

Underbelly for reducing underbody turbulence and drag

Trunk view

Brake vacuum system in spare tire well, along with emergency tool kit (contains PDA for reading computer codes, copies of schematics, simple tools, extension cord :p, etc.)

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who has time for car shopping with all the roads washed out? Congratulations on the sale. and big congratulations on the family addition. I hope you be back in a DIY EV again soon with a family sedan.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words about my build. :)

It is a little weird and sad to see it go.. I think I am still processing it. It's like my baby...

The guy who bought it seems like a very motivated and capable gentleman, and I'm sure he will treat it well.

And yeah, maybe sometime in the future I'll try round 2 with a minivan or something! :cool:

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Thanks everyone for the kind words about my build. :)

It is a little weird and sad to see it go.. I think I am still processing it. It's like my baby...

The guy who bought it seems like a very motivated and capable gentleman, and I'm sure he will treat it well.

And yeah, maybe sometime in the future I'll try round 2 with a minivan or something! :cool: :)

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You did a nice job dude. If you lived in Canada and I had the money I would be all over that. I have 2 crx's already and one is red and I plan to convert it.
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