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For Sale; New Headway 15's $26 each

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I have dozens of extra Headway 15ah LifePO4 cells for sale.

We bought a few pallets for Prius Plug In Conversions and have some left over.

Model 40152S
NEW IN BOX and IN STOCK in Boulder, Colorado.
Available for immediate shipment.

$26 each + actual shipping cost
2 position orange plastic blocks $0.75 each
(if you want to build cells into packs)
2 position Bus bars $0.90 each

Paypal and credit cards accepted.

email [email protected]
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I just looked up those cells and there is a company that is selling the same cells, with bus bars, and orange blocks for $23.79...and that was the first link that I clicked...
I doubt the cells are on US soil for that price.

That is probably the price in China before shipping/duties/taxes.
If it is a US seller, that is a great deal and you should post the link.
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