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1981 VW Rabbit
Old electric conversion. Needs new batteries and a lot of work. Would be good for parts to convert/ build an electric vehicle.

Electric controls/parts:
Advanced DC motor - model 203-06-4001, Series Wound, 72-120 VDC
Curtis Instruments - PMC model 1221C-7401
Throttle Potentiometer - Curtis Instruments model PB--6
Main contactor - Albright Engineering model SW-200B
Traction Battery Charger - K&W Engineering model BC-20
Aux Battery charger - Sevcon model 622-11014 DC-DC Converter
Also has relays. shunt, gauges, etc.


This is posted in the Philiadelphia Craigslist under "1981 VW Rabbit Electric"

Also still have a FB1-4001A DC motor that was posted last October - Advanced DC Motors FB1-4001A

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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