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I have two of these chargers that can be arranged in series or parallel to deliver 6kw of charging at 225V to 900V, or used individually from 225 to 450V and 3kw. These chargers come with input, output, and data cables, a CAN to USB converter, and even a laptop with control software installed. These have both been used in a lab environment and work properly. They are isolated designs, so there is an added layer of safety. They have a wide AC input range of 100-240VAC. They are being sold as a pair. If you really want just one of them, let me know and I may be able to accommodate.
These can be used to charge Tesla batteries, Chevy Volt batteries, Nissan Leaf Batteries, basically they are designed as EV chargers, so can charge most EV batteries on or offgrid. They can also be used to charge a powerwall type battery, or any large lead acid or lithium ion battery system. These are similar to Brusa chargers, or lear or delta Q etc. Good for ev conversions, racecars, drag racing, anything with a high voltage battery that needs charging! We paid ~$8k for the pair.

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