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For sale - Russco Battery charger model SC 50-240/S0

The charger sticker says output DC from 170-260 VDC and 18 Amperes max, but it is incorrect. It is actually 80-225 VDC and 27 Amperes Max as indicated in the manual

Manual included.

Manual says it is a charger for Flooded and sealed lead acid batteries but it was used last to charge LIFEPO4 as it provides two stage charging. First stage provides constant current at 80% charge and teh second stage provides constant voltage.

- Type: AC to DC Current and Voltage Regulated
- Voltage Input: 208-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
- Voltage Output: 72-180 Nominal Pack Voltagee
- Voltage Output: 80-225 VDC (Adjustable)
- Amperage Input: 30 Max. RMS Amps (Adjustable)
- Amperage Output: 27 Max Amps (Adjustable)
- Capacity Input 5000 Max. Watts
- Automatic Proportional Shut Off
- Charger Status Multicolor Indicator Lamp
- On/Off 2 Pole Circuit Breaker with Trip Indicator
- Enclosure:Safety Red, 16 Gauge Steel
- Mounting Holes: 4 1/4"
- Size: 8-1/8"D x 6-3/8"H x 10"L
- Weight (With Cables) 22 Pounds

Safety features include an AC line On-Off, Circuit Breaker, Electronically regulated AC line current Maximum of 30 A AC, Fused Output, soft start up, over temperature protection and fan cooling.

Output is a 50A Anderson Connector, Input is a L6-30P but of course it can be changed to any other type for 250V

Asking $500 plus shipping. The charger is located in Florida.


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