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For Sale: Single speed Solectria transverse gearbox (it does have a differential), with half shafts, and mounting hardware.

I originally had plans to use this for a project... but it does not look like I will ever get to it. :(

This is out of an early Solectria Force (Geo/Chevy Metro) Front wheel drive.
Original motor was an ACgtx20.

The input to the gear box is belt drive (Gates Poly Chain), which makes it easy to adjust the final fixed gear ratio to your motor RPM (the motor mount is also removable).

The gear box also has a mechanical speedometer cable output, if you have such a need.

Includes mounting brackets that bolt to the shock towers on a Geo/Chevy Metro.

It has that home built look that would look perfect in a rear wheel drive buggy (which was what I wanted to use it for)...

US only, due to shipping costs...
Gear box will be shipped dry (drained of oil).

I forgot to write down what the gear ratio is... So I will edit this later with that info. ;)

Make an offer, and feel free to ask questions. :)

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