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For Sale: speed and performance controller

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If you are looking for a high performance controller. You should check out a Logisystems model. I am independent distributor that has them on e-bay. The Logisytems guys build these from the ground up and know what they are doing. Listed are 5K-0 and 0-5k but they also make ITS inputs as well. Those you have to e-mail me about. They have many applications from the golf carts, electric motorcycles, hell Jim even built a controller for a electric drag race car. Thanks- Chris

E-bay search Logisystems controller seller- Chrisst
or email [email protected]
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Re: speed and performance controller

Sorry, my bad.
Okay here are the four different links to the controllers on e-bay!

for a 480 AMP 5K-0

for a 480 AMP 0-5K

For a 700 amp 5K-o

for a 700 amp 5K-0

The only problem with these are is that I am not sure that when I relist after they expire if the link will continue to work. Hopefully they will.
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Re: speed and performance controller

Of course, these are for the smaller projects, Logisystems is gearing up to put out a controller that will meet the needs of someone wanting 144 volts. When they do I will be selling them and I will post
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