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Hi guys and girls,

I have two Tesla batteries incoming soon. They will arrive at my place in about 2-3 weeks.

Battery 1:
85kW, done 12.000km.

Battery 2:
85kW, done 17.000km.

Battery contains 16 modules, 444 cells each module
Total 7104 cells each batterypack.
Panasonic NCR18650 cells
Rated capacity: 3200mah
Energy density: Volumetric: 676 Wh/l, Gravimetric 243 Wh/kg

Once i get them, i will dismantle so i have loose modules.
The modules will not be dismantled unless buyer want loose cells.

Prices will be:
Module: 950 Euro

1-100 cells: 3 Euro each cell
101-250 cells: 2,50 Euro each cell
Over 251 cells: contact me for individual pricing

Complete Tesla battery pack: 14500 Euro.

Picture will come as soon as i have the batteries.

I can only sell to customers in following countries due to strict shipping regulations.
Larger quantities of cells or modules will be delivered in person by me:

If your country is not listed above, we can stil make arrangement that you can meet me in Germany or somewhere in those countries listed for pickup.

If you are interested in cells or modules, please send me PM so i can put you on the waiting list.

After i recieve batteries, all people on waitinglist will be contacted, and payment arranged.
If low quantity: Payment through paypal before shipping.
If high quantity: 25% in advance(reservation fee) to Paypal and 75% in cash or paypal when i meet you in person for delivery.

Please send me PM or email for questions or reservation.
email: [email protected]

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Hello Phingoc,
Interesting concept.
can you supply vat exempt invoice?
greatly interested in doing business
we run a business with VAT number + Eori number,
importing into the european market.
best Carel Hassink
Hi Carel,

I just replied to your email. :)

Best regards
Phi Huynh

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20 modules reserved. only 12 left. :)
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