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This 1981 Comutacar, in very good condition, was last driven by the owner previous to us in 2014. It then sat until we bought it. We intended to do the repair it needed (unknown, but not expected to be major) but just haven’t had the time. Thus, it is not running at this time.

The previous owner had done several upgrades, including replacing the battery capacity meter with a digital volt and ammeter. We replaced all the batteries. Our mechanic thought the only thing it needed to run was to replace the “series parallel contact relay” (shown in one of the pictures), but then he lost interest and we took back the car. We also know the turn-signal switch needs replacement. The hub caps were removed from the car for shipping and are stored inside.

The car also comes with a flash drive of old manuals, diagrams, etc. provided by the previous owner. The car is located in Eugene, Oregon. We have the signed-over New Mexico title from the previous owner; we did not re-title it.
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