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Vicor MegaPAC DC/DC power supply.

$100 obo

this is a 115/230 auto-ranging input and has 8 modules.

6x M5.2v / 38.5A
2x M5v / 40Av2

These modules can be trimmed up as much as 10% or down as much as 50%.

To set up for 13.5v you just need to trim them down to 4.5v and then put three in series. This can be done twice and the two can be paralleled. The output would be good for 38.5a x 2 = 77 amps.

This will require installing some trimming sense resistors and then rearranging the buss bar configuration. Currently the pac is setup for a bus of 5.2v and another of 5v. The two 5v modules will not do any good at this point because all you can get is 11v out of them as a pair

Here are some datasheet information links:

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