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For Sale Wake on Charge Module Controller

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Wake On Charge Module
Wake On Charge Module
Powers up VCU when connection and voltage is sensed at charge port.
Left, front - attached to DC to DC converter.
The Wake On Charge module functions to activate the VCU when the key is off and the charge port is activated by power from the electrical grid.

Located with the DC to DC converter and powertrain cooling pump, it allows the VCU to monitor and activate systems as needed during the charge cycle.

Normally, with the key off, the VCU is inactive. Plugging into the grid at the charge port sends a low voltage signal which wakes up the VCU through the EWOC.

In addition, the module activates the LED indicators at the charge port as indicated by signals from the VCU.
£70 each or best offer.


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Hello i need this part to come alive my Transit AZD
Let me know if you still have this or if you have any contact who still has this.
thank you in advance !


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If you still need this part. Axiomatic the people who made the part,, still has them for $225 each and $78 shipping to the USA. Here is there email [email protected]
Hi, I ordered and received two new WOC modules. The problem is that there is no program inside. Do you have an idea how to load the right program?
Odd... and EXPENSIVE. It should be relatively simple inside. There are 4 or 5 pins inside which I assume are for programming, but I don't know the interface. But, it also likely has access through the CAN bus.

Here are my notes about the Wake on Charge module.

In my case (2011), the Wake on Charge module was blowing the fuse F35 in my vehicle.
@iura also suggests it could be fuse F08 on later vehicles.

The fault was due to a bad Transorb, TZ2.

I have several pictures that I took that I'll upload soon. But, you really need to just dig out the silicone on the bottom of the device, then desolder and remove that Transorb TZ2. So far it doesn't seem to need to be replaced.

Ideally one would separate the fuse for the Wake on Charge from the fuse for the ECU, and add additional circuit isolation circuitry outside of the Wake on Charge.

Anyway, there is a good chance you could resurrect your original Wake on Charge, without needing the new ones.

Since my Azure is running, I haven't gotten the diagnostic software put together yet.
Thanks for reply CliffordK
I have two transits: Non-functional 2011 from an auction with missing woc and a full functional 2012.

my quick tries:
when I install a new WOC on both trucks it does not work.
When I install the used woc from 2012 on the 2011 it does not work.

So I believe that the new modules need to be programmed and I will continue to investigate problem on my 2011
What part number did you get?

Mine is marked:
Axiomatic Wake on Charge Module
P/N: 105200+A

When I look it up, I see info for: P/N: AX130601

I wouldn't be surprised if Axiomatic discovered the fault with the Transorb early and fixed it. At least I hope so.

I suppose I could test my vehicle (or you could) to see if the Wake on Charge seems to function with the ECU unplugged. With the battery disconnected, the ECU is relatively easy to disconnect. If the WOC works independent of the ECU, then that would indicate that it doesn't require CAN bus input to work.

Double check those fuses. F35, and F08.

The Axiomatic page has a link to Technical Support. It would be worth contacting them.


If I hadn't been able to get my WOC to work, I had considered trying to make up my own.

View attachment 131512

Get an extra plug for the WOC, and try to wire them together. No CANBUS interface, but it should get one charging.

I think it may be a Deutsch DT plug.
my part number is AX130600 on my working 2012.

The new WOC AX130600 does not work on the 2011 and 2012.

Axiomatic was told that it is new old stock and that there is more support for the product.

yes fuse 8 and 35 are ok

I'll let you know what I'll find.

thank you for your help
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Quel numéro de pièce avez-vous obtenu?

Le mien est marqué :
Module de réveil sur charge Axiomatic
Réf. : 105200+A

Lorsque je le recherche, je vois des informations pour : P/N : AX130601

Je ne serais pas surpris si Axiomatic découvrait tôt le défaut du Transorb et le corrigeait. Du moins je l'espère.

Je suppose que je pourrais tester mon véhicule (ou vous pourriez) pour voir si le Wake on Charge semble fonctionner avec l'ECU débranché. Avec la batterie déconnectée, l'ECU est relativement facile à déconnecter. Si le WOC fonctionne indépendamment de l'ECU, cela indiquerait qu'il ne nécessite pas d'entrée de bus CAN pour fonctionner.

Vérifiez bien ces fusibles. F35 et F08.

La page Axiomatic contient un lien vers le support technique. Cela vaudrait la peine de les contacter.


Si je n'avais pas réussi à faire fonctionner mon WOC, j'avais envisagé d'essayer de créer le mien.

View attachment 131512

Procurez-vous une prise supplémentaire pour le WOC et essayez de les câbler ensemble. Pas d'interface CANBUS, mais il devrait en avoir une en charge.

Je pense que c'est peut-être une prise Deutsch DT.
mon numéro de pièce est AX130600 sur mon travail 2012.

Le nouveau WOC AX130600 ne fonctionne pas sur les 2011 et 2012.

On a dit à Axiomatic qu'il s'agissait d'un nouveau stock ancien et qu'il y avait plus de support pour le produit.

oui les fusibles 8 et 35 sont ok

Je vous ferai savoir ce que je vais trouver.

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de votre aide
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