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For Sale Wake on Charge Module Controller

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Wake On Charge Module
Wake On Charge Module
Powers up VCU when connection and voltage is sensed at charge port.
Left, front - attached to DC to DC converter.
The Wake On Charge module functions to activate the VCU when the key is off and the charge port is activated by power from the electrical grid.

Located with the DC to DC converter and powertrain cooling pump, it allows the VCU to monitor and activate systems as needed during the charge cycle.

Normally, with the key off, the VCU is inactive. Plugging into the grid at the charge port sends a low voltage signal which wakes up the VCU through the EWOC.

In addition, the module activates the LED indicators at the charge port as indicated by signals from the VCU.
£70 each or best offer.


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Do you have any of these left? Picked up a super low mileage Azure in need of the Wake on Charge module.

Thank you.
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