Hello ev diyers.
I'm new to this forum. I have been browsig here for some time now, but haven't gotten to register until now that I want to sell a broken toy. Selling the whole thing or in parts. The battery is in good shape and Im considering keeping it to use as a home battery, but I bet it will be the main part to sell.

So I own a not driveable anymore 2011 Think City with an Enerdel battery pack. 77100km/43000mi on the odo. The battery box has rusted enough for water to get inside the batteries during this winter and it condensated on the surfaces and I got the high voltage error on the instrument panel and the car stopped working. I got up to investigate the car after a few days and it turned out that one of the 16 bmses fried. The battery pack was removed in a garage with all those lifting tools needed. I took the batteries apart to dry everything up, and got a replacement bms and put everything back together to get my think thing spinning again, but it doesnt work. The green car indicator on the dash lights up when I turn the key, but then it turns off and the 'power limit' indicator turns on. Of course it doesnt charge too, the contactors cant be heard to be operating. There must be something else that got screwed up. I don't have time and motivation (thanks, winter) to dive deeper and look for possible solutions, which in my case is taking the car 100km away for a qualified person with diagnostics equipment to find the cause and offer a solution and pay for it, mainly because if there is a fix, the battery box needs a rework to remove the rust and make sure that the batteries are saled from the moisture from the road and all this doesnt happen again. THe car also has a diesel webasto (lol, i know :D), another electric plug in heater to preheat the car, original enrdel charger, good wheels/tyres and the car was driving well until this issue.

Anyone want anything? Whole car without batteries for 800ish euros. 2500 with the Enerdels.