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2. 1982 Ford EXP. The escort was originally designed with an electric option, so I thought it would be a cool car to update and nobody would know what the heck it was.
I think the EXP/LN7 are interesting looking cars, but that might say more about my age than anything else. :D
Just for a reality check... there's nothing about the Escort design which accommodates an electric powertrain better than other cars of its type. There was an EXP EV, but it was just a conversion as would be done with any other similar car. Ford never built an electric Escort; EVA built the "EVcort", which was apparently very nicely done for the time (entirely obsolete now), but didn't gain any advantage by starting with an Escort.

My idea is to use the new Ford Crate Electric motor (Eluminator) that is going to be released at SEAM this year. My plans were to attend the show and see how I can make it work. I need education on batteries and controllers. Any help is apprecaited.

I think a lot of information about this drive unit is needed, too. A "crate motor" is an engine sold complete and ready to install in a vehicle; it doesn't include a transmission and installs like whatever engine was originally in the vehicle. It is not clear at all what Ford will actually offer, but the drawings show an integrated motor and transaxle (reportedly from the rear of the Mach-E, but the appearance doesn't quite match) and the "Mustang Cobra Jet 1400" in the press photos uses an entirely different system using no Ford parts at all.

For more discussion of the Eluminator:
Ford Eluminator - 320ft-lb/280hp crate motor
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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