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Ford/Siemens AC Motor PV5133

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I bought one of the Ford/Siemens motors (PV5133) from Electro Mavin when they still had them. This is a 75kW peak, 40kW continuous, 300V AC motor that was developed specifically for the Ford Ranger EV. It is the same motor that Mr. Tischer used in his Passat conversion (posted on this site). His idea to take low kW controller, replace the output stage and have a 300V, 300A controller was a good one and I started down that road. It comes strapped to a small pallet since it was inventory stock for the Ranger. I have read a ton of wonderful information off this site, from all of you and that has been very informative, thank you. I still read the news feeds. My plans were to convert a small sedan but after much consideration, I have decided not pursue my electric conversion project. I have the motor up for sale on craisgslist in Colorado and will be posting on Ebay soon. This is a beast of a motor. I was able to contact Siemens and get the power curve and some detailed drawings for the motor so I think I have everything anyone would need to convert. The motor is new and still capped and waiting for a conversion. Please PM me if you are interested in discussing it. I am asking 2K for it.

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Hi Rjay,

I've moved your post to the classidieds section since we're trying to keep people from selling products or services on the open forum.

No harm done, just keep it in mind for next time.


Thank you! that was so newby of me. I will pay more attention next time. I appreciate the note.

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