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Ford Think High School Engineering Project

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We are looking for battery recommendations for a Ford Think. We are a high school engineering program working on converting one of our three Ford Thinks into an autonomous vehicle. None of vehicles we have, have batteries. We have just under $1800 to spend on batteries and charger. At this point, our only goal is to get the motor running so we can begin to test basic functions such as our steering, braking and power control. Long term, the vehicle will never be expected to drive over 5mph (safety concerns) and will never leave our campus. With these criteria in mind, I would appreciate any suggestions for batteries and criteria for selecting batteries. Thanks!
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Contact a scrapyard or wrecking yard that has junk hybrids, tell them you're high school students, and ask if they'd be willing to sponsor your project with a free Prius battery.

Honestly, for 5mph... you might get that off of two 12v junk car batteries for $20 core charge at NAPA. Just ask them to leave two aside for you that still test to have okay voltage. Save your $1800. Depends if you need the higher voltage (you won't to go 5mph, but, you might for the controller to wake up and be okay with what it thinks is a dead battery).
110 2170 M50LT 3.6v 5000mah 36v 1.95kWh two of these modules in series would most likely be adequate for there needs.
Bingo, there's your best bet.

I strongly recommend Batteryhookup. Great folks there.
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