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Hello EV-Fans (especialy from Holland),

since a few days I'm an owner of a rare electric-car in germany.
Now I have problems register it because lack of documents/informations of this car.
This car named "AGV Ford Transit Connect" was converted over 1000 times by the Company "All Green Vehicles" (AGV) in Netherlands, and I got it for cheap (I think). It runs well, and I will use it for commute to work.
The Germans TÜV (technical certification office) said, that I need more detailled documents that also includes the EMV (Electromagnetic Compatibility).
The problem is, that the company AGV doesn't exist any more.
But somebody told me, that in Netherlands exist a Database, where all data of my Electric car are stored.
My question:
Has somebody of the (Netherlands)community access this kind of dokuments for my car?

Thank you in advance... Peter


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