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My reliable AZD Ford Transit Connect has just developed a problem that is preventing it from charging. It still drives ok and there are no error lights.
When plugging in the charging lead the standard green LED blinks as usual,the coolant pump starts but the Brusa charger fans never start. After checking with the AZD diags it has a single solid DTC from ESS battery pack 1 : P0AA6-00 Hybrid Battery Voltage System Isolation Fault (I guess its still called 'Hybrid' since this seems to be a generic fault code name used by other manufacturers and this was used in AZD's other hybrid van).
There are no other errors at present.
The battery pack 1 has been assigned an ALERT isolation status which I'm assuming is stopping the charge from starting. The Brusa charger is on and ready with no apparent errors and the correct starting voltage but no current flowing since (I assume) the contactors to the battery have not closed.

The fault started following a cold and wet drive (but no deep water) and since I've experienced similar isolation problems in other EV's (including Tesla) that have then dried out and run normally I had hoped for the same here. But so far not and I've left it a few weeks. I have not yet tried manually isolating and resetting the battery pack by removing the access panels under the van. Not sure if this would do anything but interested if anyone has tried this.

Or any other suggestions welcome. (I know these vans are difficult but life with no EV conversions and just reliable commercial ones was just getting too easy...) Some reference screenshots from the diags attached that may also prove useful and informative to others in future.(ESS top level, ESS pack 1, ESS pack 2, and DTC for ESS pack 1) .There are no errors being indicated by battery pack 2. Thanks


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