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Ford's CEO Mulally Launches New Electric Car Era with a Kiss

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The Focus Electric, which has a targeted range of 100 miles on a single charge, is Ford's answer to the growing field of electric cars on the market.

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Lithium Polymer, yes. Specific chemistry is Lithium Manganese, the electrolyte designation is that it is a polymer. The chemistry can vary. Typically it is Cobalt-cathodes, in the case of LG Chem it isn't.

The cathode material of LG Chem/CPI cells is explained on their site here, also with a description of their federal contract with US Advanced Battery Consortium.

Cathode specific reference from that site
1) Safer chemistry (without compromises in performance or life) - specifically LG Chem/CPI use manganese-based cathode chemistry with additives to improve calendar life under high temperature conditions
Improved calendar life, a must have in the Lithium battery industry.
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