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Frame for Reverse Trike $6,000 OBO

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I am helping my father sell a frame he made for a reverse trike which is located in Harrington, DE. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll get you the answers. $6,000 Or Best Offer. Thank you for your interest.



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It looks like you're selling two frames: this one with some parts, and the other with more parts.

I assume that the rear bodywork (on both units, this one and the other listing) starts at the main roll hoop, and is just sitting down and back like that because it's not attached to the frame.

The unit beside the frame is presumably a transmission of some sort, perhaps from or intended for a traditional Harley-Davidson (and so the S&S engine that the frame was designed for), with a wooden mockup of an electric motor for test fitting. Right?
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