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Frankenscooter project

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I'm building a bit of a scavenged electric scooter.

I'm putting together the frame and such right now, some parts are on order, but I want to sort the electrics.

I'm hoping to use a hub motor I got from another bike. I"m not sure about the battery and contoller. They seem a bit underpowered, but might be upgradable.

The motor is a QSMotor 2000w

The battery pack is 61.2v, 28.6Ah, 1750.31 Wh - charging voltage 71.4v
(I have the charger for it.)

The controller is ??? brand. LBMCO60122 HK @A EU - M23 (anyone know what this means?) I know it's for a 60V system but that's pretty much it.

Before I disassembled the donor bike, I tried it out. It had been sitting for a while, but the battery had been charged up to 90%. A 2km drive brought that down to 70%. Top speed managed was 50kmh. The performance is horrible.

I've read that the 2000w QS is capable of much more - up to 65 kmh with a 60v system, 70 with 72v.

I'm thinking about a different controller and possibly a better battery pack.

Since I'm pretty new to actually working in something like this, I'm interested in any suggestions or thoughts on what I could do.

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Hey Matt, Thanks for the reply.

Scooter as in moped-style? Sit down feet together in front?
Scooter... as in low power motorbike with undersized tires. The current tires are on 12inch rims. No pedals. Not underbone style. The plan is for it to be cafe racer-ish when it is done.

Sounds like your batteries are either shot, or the way they're being measured is shot. Or that one cell in the pack is gone.

Charge it up, test each cell.

Discharge it a bit, test each cell.

See if there's imbalance anywhere.

Presuming it has a BMS, imbalance probably then means the cell has more or less died and should be removed or replaced.
I don't think there is a BMS. I haven't taken the battery apart yet, but will start working on that soon. I'll take some pics of the electronic bits at some point.
A "moped" is a motorized bike with pedals - it's a drive style, not a body or frame configuration.

"Sit down feet together in front" is a description of a configuration with a step-through frame, popular with the type of motorcycle (not moped) which is commonly called a "scooter"... like the classic Vespas. "Scooter" itself means so many different things to different people that it effectively means nothing at all.

"Underbone" is none of the above, but is a construction style which also implies other features, with different implications to different people.

None of these terms contribute much to useful communication, since they are so ambiguous.
Wow.... that response didn't "contribute much to useful communication" either. It just seems like trolling to me.
Back to the project.

Here are the main electrical components.

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