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FREE ($40 S/H) Zivan NG3 charger 240VAC-144VDC

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I have been trying to sell this charger for a long time, but I realize its nearly impossible due to its specific voltage profile. At the same time I can't make myself throw a good working piece of equipment in the landfill.
So, if you can part with $40 for UPS ground shipping and handling, I will be happy to send you this charger.
It is in working condition, at least it was when I removed it from my EV a few years back, I have not touched it since then.
Shipping offer is limited to continental USA. If you want it shipped further, I will need to quote the shipping cost based on your destination.

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I have always believed Zivans should be fully user programmable,
For what they cost they should be.

Out of curiosity how many lithium cells did this charge?

I have been looking at making my Insight a PHEV of sorts and 144 volts is on the money.


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The specs of the charge curve can be seen on the label pictured in my message. It bulks in CC mode to 144V and then tapers down in CV mode to 152V. Cell count depends on the chemistry and how much you want to push your top SOC. This could be 41-42 LFP cells, or 35-36 NMC cells.
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