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Free cloud CAN-bus decoder

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Hi! There are many users who try to scan onboard CAN bus networks of cars with a help of CAN utils. Result of scan is raw test output. Someone who is experienced enough to recognize some CAN IDs in raw log but it is difficult to analyze anyway.
I've tried to make things easier with a cloud CAN bus decoder which can use raw output file.
It is completely free and you can use it here -

Some screenshots

You can upload your log and analyze data if service already has decoder for your vehicle. Some of parameters will be recognized, some not. Service has tools for manual decoding of parameters. Now we are working over sharing logs and decoders between users to establish collaborative decoding.


I hope you will like it.
Regards, Andrew
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It looks really awesome! I saw you posted to OpenGarages about it too. I hope that gives you good exposure. I tried a log from a 2008 Buick and it loaded and sort of worked if I said it was a Cadillac CT6. It seems you don't have a lot of DBC files for old GM vehicles but it did load the log and try to interpret it. I also tried a log from a Tesla Model 3. At first the TRC file I tried to upload would not work. I eventually tried another file and loaded that file in CANDump format (.LOG) and that worked. It took a very long time but eventually the file processed. It was 7MB. For reference, I have Tesla logs over 1.5GB in size. After processing it worked and the interpretations seem correct mostly. I'm getting a lot of things were something like wheel speed has accurate data but also places where the data is maxed out. The log might have been like that, sometimes Teslas do that. It was pretty slow when graphing though. The whole thing is a little slow. I might be expecting a bit much from a web app. Functionally, it seems pretty good. There are a lot of features to explore. And, I'd say it's "pretty". You did a good job of making a clean, sharp looking interface. The one thing I might suggest is that the cloud based format might have one downside. I deal with a lot of people in the CAN hacking world and many people aren't that keen on having their logfiles made public. But, your system requires one to upload things to the cloud. What becomes of them after that? We have no idea if you're selling the data, using it to achieve global domination, making fun of how we drive, etc. (Yes, I'm sure you're not doing any of that). You might want a privacy policy that's easy to find. It would be nice to know what you plan to do with logfiles that we all upload. One thing people don't like is that many CAN logs have the vehicle VIN in them. So, I suppose that's not all that worrisome if you're processing files for people and not sharing them but it becomes problematic if you share them with other people. Hence, the need for a privacy policy that everyone agrees to. For suuuuuper seeeeecret log files people might not want to upload them anywhere. Local access would be nice for that but maybe that's not in the cards. Another thing I might ask for is more file formats. Luckily SavvyCAN can output CANDump *.LOG format so I can turn any log into a CANDump file and feed it in. But, it would be nice to be able to import more formats. Not everyone has a program handy to convert file formats. Though, this quickly escalates (ask me how I know). So, I suppose you have to draw the line somewhere. It's a neat program and people should certainly go try it out.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

I work in telematic industry (GPS fleet tracking) and reading CAN bus data - my everyday task. So this project is like a hobby to make useful tool for community (and myself too, yes).

I understand concerns about cloud and privacy but for me it is only possible solution to do some "magic". For example it can provide some collaboration features in near future. Right now every log is private but i will add sharing option when one single log can be reviewed (and decoder can be modified too) by many users (if owner will mark it as public). Or rather by group of users you can specify.

I think we should add catalog of brand/models loaded. And if LOG is private you can ask owner to share it with you. There is a problem that it is impossible to check if brand/model filled by user are correct.. But I cannot do much there.

I think also cloud database will help to apply some advanced tools like finding similar patterns between brands.

Of course, will add more log formats too, just send it to me.

I cannot work fast, but I will improve this service step by step.
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