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Tesla launches free Thanksgiving Supercharger rates for off-peak hours
2022/11/17 ... Tesla is once again offering free Supercharging during off-peak hours ... in select U.S. locations as Thanksgiving nears ... Tesla encouraging owners to charge during
off-peak hours of 8 PM to 9 AM (before 9a & after 10p)
completely for free.

Avoid the rush this Thanksgiving holiday and charge for free during off-peak hours at Superchargers along select travel routes in the United States .. in four states, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas ... A complete list of Supercharger locations ... is available below:

Baker, CA
Bakersfield, CA - I-5
Bakersfield, CA - Copus Road (Limited Amenities)
Barstow, CA
Barstow, CA - East Main St
Barstow, CA - Tanger Way
Buttonwillow, CA - I-5
Firebaugh, CA
Gustine, CA
Harris Ranch, CA
Hesperia, CA
Kettleman City, CA
Kettleman City, CA - Bernard Dr
Patterson, CA - Speno Dr
Santa Nella, CA
Tejon Ranch, CA
Tejon Ranch, CA - Outlets at Tejon Pkwy
Yermo, CA

Primm, NV

Ardmore, OK
Oklahoma City, OK

Denton, TX

Of course, some drivers will still have to charge their Teslas during peak hours, and there will be no discount during those times. However, the initiation of Tesla's Thanksgiving Supercharging promotion undoubtedly will clear at least some of the congestion from the above locations ...
The offer is valid 8 PM to 9 AM from Wednesday, November 23, to Sunday, November 27


Musk twit-denies .cn -made Tesla EVs being imported to .us

Tesla plans to import China-made electric cars to US, says questionable report
2022/11/11 ... Tesla is reportedly planning to start importing electric cars made in China to the US, according to a somewhat-questionable report from Reuters.
Update: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now denied the Reuters report via Twitter ...

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e.america EVSE Are Rarely Used +

% This post is offered as some time-killing reading while
either waiting in line to charge, or while charging ...
Happy Thanksgiving :)

Electrify America Chargers Are Rarely Used - What’s Up With Non-Tesla Fast Charging?
2022/10/26 ... a rough average of around 1.25 charging sessions a day per stall, a shockingly low number. They began the year with just 0.5 sessions per day and grew to the larger number by the end of the year ... EA charges 31 cents/kWh if you pay their $4/month membership fee, and 43 cents otherwise in most locations ...

Electrify America Will Begin to phase out CHAdeMO In 2022
Jul 27, 2021 ... Beginning in 2022, the EV charging infrastructure giant will focus solely on CCS outside of California ...

EVs are going the distance

2022/11/18 ... more people are driving than flying this Thanksgiving due to growing frustration with weather delays, skyrocketing ticket prices and schedule disruptions associated with air travel ... Electric vehicles are going the distance. Almost 1 in 5 (18%) Thanksgiving travelers will drive an EV, and of those, 14% will travel more than 100 miles round trip ...

Thanksgiving EV Travelers Hit the Roads

Thanksgiving Travelers Hit the Roads with EVs, Warmer & Early
2022/11/20 ... A Thanksgiving travel survey, conducted by car-shopping marketplace, uncovered that more people are driving than flying this Thanksgiving due to growing frustration with weather delays, skyrocketing ticket prices and schedule disruptions associated with air travel. About half of respondents who have flown in the last six months say they’ve experienced some level of disruption, and of those, 63% say their experiences influenced their Thanksgiving travel plans ...

Thanksgiving Travel In An EV

Thanksgiving Travel In An Electric Vehicle
2022/11/22 ... Thanksgiving is known for traffic snarls, unexpected weather, and chaotic airline delays. A new survey about Thanksgiving travel adds EVs into the equation, revealing attitudes of all-electric vehicle drivers about their intended holiday roadtrip plans ...

Thanksgiving EV Travelers would rather drive than fly

Here’s Why 80% of Thanksgiving Travelers Will Drive, Says Survey
2022/11/07 ... 80% are choosing to drive to their destination ...

Thanksgiving EV Travelers> Bringing the kids and pets

4 Reasons Most Thanksgiving Travelers Will Drive This Year
2022/11/08 ... Bringing the kids and pets ... flash video

Handling The Thanksgiving EVSE Crunch

How Will EVs Handle The Thanksgiving Crunch?
2022/11/22 ... The operators of the charging networks have been beefing ... up ...

$tream Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

How to Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Without Cable
2022/11/23 ... How to Stream the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ...
(sez: Black Friday Deal: *$0.99/mo ... )

Free off-peak hrs Supercharging For Thanksgiving Weekend

Tesla Again Offers Free Supercharging For Thanksgiving Weekend
2022/11/21 ... The free fast charging should help Tesla owners over the busy travel weekend, but it's only in select states during off-peak hours ... Tesla aims to improve to make its owners' lives easier ...

Tesla offers free Supercharging on Thanksgiving at select locations in the United States
2022/11/21 ...

Tesla offering its charge connector as a N.American standard

Tesla is offering its proprietary charge connector as a new North American standard
2022/11/11 ... When it comes to charging your EV in the US, Canada and Mexico, the only two connector types available aren't cross-compatible. Tesla has its proprietary connector, which in the company's defense was developed when Tesla was still the only EV game in town. Everybody else uses the current North American standard, the Combined Charging System (CCS). Tesla apparently hopes to upend that dynamic, announcing Friday that it is "opening our EV connector design to the world." ...

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